Welcome to Tuck Box

Rod Tuck and David Wilby have, between them, been in the feed industry for over 60 years. Formerly with Tucks of Burston Ltd, who, in the 60’s, were the first UK feed company to successfully wean pigs at 21 days commercially indoors. The Tuck technique for early weaning of pigs was well known throughout Europe.

Tuck Box Ltd was set up in 1995 and specialises in baby pig feeds, piglet prestarters and starters, and specialist feeding systems. We offer different ranges of baby pig feed pellets, including a new Optimum Protein range. Using our feeds in conjunction with the Transition Feeder, a new liquid feed system, we have seen improved feed intakes and growth rates of up to 50% in the critical 14 day post weaning period. Our research work, confirmed by commercial pig producers, has shown us that with this much improved start pigs reach slaughter weight 14 days quicker.

We also produce specialist concentrates for baby pigs and can offer the knowledge and technology to formulate the complete range of pig diets. We have technology agreements in place and we can offer this as a package to suit all requirements.

Tuck Box operates in the UK, Western and Eastern Europe, USA, Canada and Asia. We are continually looking at new ideas and products to keep at the forefront of modern pig nutrition. We pride ourselves on the quality of our service and the way we look after our customers.