The Transition Feeder Liquid Feed System

For maximum feed intake of piglets in the post weaning period

The Transition feeder provides the possibility for:

A smooth Transition from sows milk (20% dry matter) to dry feed (85% dry matter) or to liquid feeding where the requirement of fresh, small quantities is a challenge.

A smooth Transition from restricted suckling by the sow to ad-libitum feeding. Hourly feeding cycles enable a 'little and often' feeding pattern.

Adjustable feeding times enable individual feeding patterns without causing digestive upsets or disruptions.

Continued positive growth curve from the first day post weaning. The always freshly mixed gruel of a high nutrient density maximises feed intake and hence daily live weight gains

Improved feed intake and growth have a great influence on:

  • Overall stress at weaning
  • Post Weaning diarrhoea and digestive development
  • Uniformity of pig sizes and weights in the nursery
  • Overall life performance


Features :

- Adjustable time of feed availability

- Adjustable meal to water ratio

- Self drawing pump for liquids

- Instant mixing of feed - ensuring fresh feed at all times

- Mixing of the feed is pig operated

- Probe to control volume of mixed feed in the trough

- All stainless steel


Technical Data
Height 1050 mm
Width 425 mm
Trough diameter 360 mm
Power supply 220-240 V std, 110 V on request
Water supply < 1 bar - higher pressure with optional reducing valve
Hopper capacity 28 litres
Weight 23 kgs
Feeding capacity 40 piglets
Recommended use 14 days post weaning, or 2-3 weeks for early weaned pigs