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The new Tuck Box Optimum Protein range is formulated to essential amino acid requirements, lower nitrogen levels and the inclusion of natural products which help to enhance the immune system, reduce digestive stress and have a beneficial effect on normal intestinal functions.

The main benefits of this Optimum Protein concept are higher feed intakes and growth rates and a reduction in slurry production and ammonia emissions, which helps comply with NVZ restrictions.

Another successful concept is our specialist Prestart Meals through the Transition Feeder, a new liquid feed system which is well proven. For the baby pig we have seen improved feed intakes and growth rates of up to 50% in the critical 14 day post weaning period. Our research work, confirmed by commercial pig producers, has shown us that with this much improved start pigs reach slaughter weight 14 days quicker.

An important benefit of this concept is for the smaller pig weaned - pigs of 3 and 4 kgs have doubled their weight in the 14 day post weaning period. The biggest problem on most pig units is how to manage and feed the small pig at weaning and keep them alive, this concept takes care of these problems.

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